We have removed Infolinks (dark green, double-underlined links) from our website.  These links provided pop-up advertisements for other websites and both the links and the pop-up advertisements took you to those websites if you clicked on them.  We only made 45 cents in around 2 and 1/2 weeks and our visitorship dropped dramatically.

Our Rates Are Posted

Our rates and salary requirements are posted at Smart Rate Finder.

  • The Senior column in the first table tells you our salary requirements.
  • The right 3 columns in the second table tell you our rates, which are determined by the salary, which is determined by the Job Title in the first table.
  • If a per diem is added, our rate will be adjusted downward.
Prior to any agreement, our rates and salary requirements are subject to change without notice.

Power Search – More Enhancements

Our Quick Skill Search engine and general search engine have been further enhanced:

  1. The search result dropdown box now tells you the number of times a specific skill is mentioned in my resume or resume appendix.
  2. The search result dropdown box will tell you the number of times a search term appears in a given document.
  3. The search dropdown box now provides text containing the skill or other search term you entered.
  4. The search term is now highlighted in color – gold – in the title on the search results page and in each search result document that you open up by clicking on its title on the search results page.
  5. The search engines now return results faster.


We have made available for download a super simple, superlite browser called Qbrowser (only 106 kb) for use with our chat room page.  This browser refreshes more quickly than some other browsers and will be useful to those of you who must refresh the chat room page frequently.  Download Qbrowser immediately by clicking on the following link: Qbrowser.


Power Search

We have enhanced the Quick Skill Search and general search capabilities of our website.

The Quick Skill Search and general search engines will continue to provide a dropdown box with the names of posts and pages containing your search term.

Highlighted Search Terms

Now, in addition, if you hit return after entering your search term or click on “View more results” in the search dropdown box, the search engine will find text containing your search term in the same posts and pages and highlight the search term in that text.

Booking Calendar

We’ve added a simple booking calendar to our website.  It tells you whether I am free or booked and is located near the top of our website in the left column.


Green = Free
Brown = Booked

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