fx: Accelerated Hiring Instructions

There are a number of things we can do to save everyone’s time.  In addition to resume information there are a number of common questions that employers and recruiters have.  Here is an FAQ that addresses these questions.  (We may expand this FAQ over time.)

Frequently Asked Questions


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fx: Quick Skill Search

You can quickly find out if we have a given skill by typing the skill’s keyword in the search box at the top of our website.  You will get a quick response if we have the specified skill.  The posts and pages that reference the skill will be listed.

Highlighted Search Terms

If you hit return after entering your search term or click on “View more results” in the search dropdown box, the search engine will find text containing your search term in the same posts and pages and highlight the search term in that text.

Dropdown & Search Results Page

You will obtain results both from the dropdown box and from the search results page you get when you hit enter while the cursor is in the search box.