Here are some of the companies for which we will provide detailed references.  These will be provided to parties with which we are actively engaged in seeking employment:

Chesapeake Operating, Inc.
IMS Health
A. M. Castle & Co.
RLTD Security

You may contact the HR departments at the following companies and other companies for additional reference information:

A.M. Castle & Co.
American Academy of Pediatrics
Amoco Corporation
Aon Corporation
Celtic Life Insurance Company
Chesapeake Energy
Chicago Board of Trade
Daimler Chrysler Corp.
DeVry University
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
General Electric Company
IMS Health
Kraft Foods
MCI WorldCom, Inc.
National Safety Council
Promissor, Inc.
Rand McNally
Sara Lee, Inc.
Sonus Networks
U.S. Office Products
U.S. Robotics
Wisconsin Children’s Hospital

In addition, we have posted the email usernames of 2,283 business contacts representing 1,211 firms and companies that we have had time to extract from our mailbox and who have demonstrated, directly and/or indirectly, an interest in working with us in the past 40 years.  This information has been posted at The List.