Doctoral Curriculum

3D Photography
Advanced Algorithms in 3D Computer
Algebraic & Numerical Computation
Analysis of Algorithms
Approximation Algorithms &
Approximation Algorithms for Problems of High
Computational Complexity
Artificial Life
Aspects of Non-Abelian Group-based
Belief Revision
Biometric Security & Privacy
Computational Complexity &
Approximation Algorithms
Computational Complexity Theory
Computational Geometry
Computational Logic
Computer Networks
Constraint Programming
Cryptographic Protocols
Cyber Attack Pattern Recognition
Data Mining
Database Security
Design of Efficient Algorithms
Discrete Mathematics for Cryptographic
Dissertation Supervision
E-Commerce & Computational Economics
Epistemic Logic
Epistemic Logic & its Applications
Game Theory & Social Choice
Group Theory, Finite Fields, Linear
Algebra & Computer Science Applications
Human & Machine Problem Solving
Image Processing and Computer Vision
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Introduction to Computational Biology
Introduction to Parallel Scientific
Introduction to Stochastic Processes
& Computer Simulation
Introduction to Systems Biology &
Its Application in Biotechnology
Inverse Problems in Imaging
Knowledge and Games
Knowledge Discovery, Induction &
Language Technology: Speech &
Language Processing
Logic & Games
Logical Foundations of Computer Science
Logical Fundamentals of Computer Science
Machine Learning
Modern Cryptography
Multidimensional Data Structures
Network Forensics
New Developments in Discrete &
Experimental Algorithms
Pattern Recognition
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Principles of Computer Systems &
Network Management
Probabilistic Analysis & Randomized
Programming Languages & Their
Quickest Detection of Abrupt Changes
with Applications
Special Topics on Computer Vision: Video Target
Detection & Tracking
Statistical Natural Language Processing
The MalWare Lab
The Science of Finance
Theoretical Computer Science
Theory of Database Management Systems
Theory of Database Systems
Topics in Algorithms: Approx. &
Randomized Algorithms
Topics in Computational Group Theory & Applications to Cryptography
Topics in Distributed Network Algorithms
Topics in Theoretical Computer Science:
Introduction to Computability Theory
Topics on Stochastic Optimization by
Computer Simulation
UNIX Application Development
Web Information Retrieval & Data
Wireless Communication & Mobile
Wireless Networking & Mobile