fx: Instant Hiring

We also use the regular hiring process.  The following does not apply to the regular hiring process.  You may now also hire me instantly if you meet certain criteria.  These criteria are:

  1. You must need either a SQL Server Database Administrator and/or SSRS Developer.
  2. The work location must be in the Chicago area.
  3. The work must be contract work.
  4.  I must be paid every week or every other week.  Those who pay sooner may be given priority.
  5. The contract rate must be between $50/hr. and $75/hr. W2.  The highest bidder will get the contract.  The rate gets locked in so that a later higher bidder will not get the contract.
  6. You must provide a start date.  This will be used for scheduling purposes.
  7. You must provide a project length.  This will be used for scheduling purposes.
  8. If you are applying for instant hiring, you have my permission to submit my resume to your HR department, hiring manager, or consulting firm client.
  9. To finalize the instant hire, call me at (847) 452-4547.