World’s First DBA AI

Try Dr. Bisconti’s Cybortel DBA AI, the world’s first Database Administrator Artificial Intelligence.  The application is in beta testing and, during beta testing only, includes no help files and requires either Microsoft Access 2000 or the Microsoft Access 2000 run-time files (download below).

Do not install both Microsoft Access (any version) and the Microsoft Access 2000 run-time files (download below) unless you are an experienced user.

Click here to download Dr. Bisconti’s Cybortel DBA AI: //

Click here to download the Microsoft Access 2000 run-time files: //


Cybortel Database Performance Monitor

Click the following link to view output from the latest version of the Cybortel Database Performance Monitor: 2012 MX/7 Series.


SQL Server 2012 Datasheet & FAQ

Download the “SQL Server 2012 Datasheet & FAQ” faster than anywhere else by clicking the following link: SQL Server 2012 Datasheet & FAQ.