Quick Rates Guide

Here are our rates and salary requirements in a nutshell.  Additional and in-depth information is available via the link immediately following the table.  Note that the W2 rates for consulting firms are higher than those posted below.

Job TitleSalaryW2 HourlyCTC & 1099
Business Analyst$93,452$62.61$93.45
Database Administrator$100,000$67.00$100.00
Developer: Database$89,540$59.99$89.54
Information Architecture$115,297$77.25$115.30
IT Management$125,844$84.32$125.84
MIS Manager$98,311$65.87$98.31
Project Manager$113,315$75.92$113.32
Security Analyst/Architect/Engineer$94,759$63.49$94.76
Technical Writer$82,193$55.07$82.19

Additional and in-depth information about our rates and salary requirements will be found at Rates.